Church Girl of the Week 1/1/2020

Meet Daisy! Here is Her Story!

Eight years ago, on the steps of the entrance to an Elementary school (I worked at an afternoon program), God used a coworker to read to me a passage of scripture that changed my life forever.


I grew up in a “Catholic” home, and all my life we honored and revered the Virgin Mary, even above Jesus himself. We would douse our foreheads with Holy Water and wake up 5am to travel to the park to see her image, and make a sign of the cross every time we passed a church…never really knowing why or where the custom came from, but more so because that’s what we were taught to do.


…The passage read “When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” John 19:26 – and it hit me like a ton of bricks:


Jesus was calling MARY, “woman.”


Not: Holy Virgin Mary


Not: Hail Mary


Not any of those names and titles that I had grown up attributing to her. It flipped my whole doctrine upside-down.


And so began my search for God. The TRUE God: Jesus, who I later came to know as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


A lot has happened since that day….


I am now a Worship Leader at my local church (both in English & Spanish), I’ve lead Bible Studies, I helped in Kids Ministry, I’ve been healed, sealed, delivered…

See YouTube Here:


And now my mission is in Entrepreneurship.


I strongly believe that we are called to make impact and establish the Kingdom here on earth just as Jesus instructed us and was the prime example for, and a great means to that end is through business and in the marketplace.


I am part of a community of Kingdom Entrepreneurs that are getting equipped to solve big problems through Kingdom Entrepreneurship utilizing all sorts of marketplace training, heart healing, coaching, speaking, leadership…and my next move is allow God to work in and through me in business as much as in worship.


For anyone who may be interested in growing as a Kingdom Entrepreneur, we known as the 100X Community and we are doing a “31 Days of Wisdom” Challenge on the book of Proverbs for all of January 2020, co-hosted by my mentor Pedro Adao and The Passion Translation’s very own Dr. Brian Simmons with some of the most incredibly successful entrepreneurs and revelatory teachers and prophets of our time that will be coming on as daily special guests.


(You can find that here: )


And for anyone that this resonates with, or wants to learn more about any part, you can find me on Instagram (@daisyna) or feel free to email me at


And last, but certainly not least, THANK YOU Tiffany for this opportunity to share a bit of my journey. May God continue to bless the work of your hands and extend grace and mercy to you always, and may you continually be filled with His Spirit and bless other in the continual overflow.



Daisy Naranjo

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